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Luchoness=  The state or quality of being Lucho 

My healing path started 11 years ago in search for answers after going through a divorce followed by skin cancer. My path began with an Ayuhuasca ceremony that opened me a window into meditation. From there I continued exploring different healing modalities that have guided me into more awareness, intuition, transparency, compassion, attention, intention, flow, gratitude and connection with my body. I started my journey with Osho Meditations, received a Kundalini Yoga, life coach and Thai massage certifications, studied tantra ( masculine and feminine energy balance), I also have taken different energy courses and received energy transmissions amount others. For the past 6 years I have been studying Kundalini Yoga and Sat Nam Rasayan. 

All these experiences have inspired me to create Luchoness.  My work is to heal myself by taping into my uniqueness, radiance and unconditional love while in alignment with my natural flow and authenticity in a container inside the depth of silence; to be seen and felt in a way you can see/ experience yourself and surrender to the exploration of going deeper in relation with another human being.

Working in Manhattan and remotely all year around for clients and corporations. Also offering healing sessions in Sag Harbor during the summer.

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