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Healing of Awareness

Each session aims to increase awareness to your ability to pay attention to your experience while sharpening your state of being. Also the healing taps into the intelligence of your body where everything flows with balance and harmony; this helps you recognize where you are stuck in thought, action, and energy – and to resolve those blockages so you can achieve unity between body presence and mental clarity.

Healing Sessions are a mix of life coaching, essential oils, small guided meditation, and  Sat Nam Rasayan – the energy healing art of Kundalini Yoga.

Coaching gives you clear insights into the source of your stress and challenges, and actionable solutions for resolving them. Sat Nam Rasayan uses a state of pure awareness and neutrality to heal your underlying energetic patterns and dissolves tendencies which gives rise to both positive mental-emotional shifts and pure experiences. This unique combination of coaching/ energy healing generates effective change and inner growth. 

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During the first part of each session, we identify what is your intention/ desire for the healing, then we are going to talk about what evidence will be to show you’ve achieved it; what you are seeing, feeling, hearing and experience that would indicate you have gotten the things that you wanted and then we will identified what is blocking you to have all the things you desire; such as fears, insecurities, doubts and subconscious patterns/behaviors. The main goal is to help you become more aware of yourself so that you can navigate your life more consciously and effectively. Next is clearing blocks and give you tools and actions to change/ resolve your challenges. At the end, I will offer  a concrete exercise or assignment to help you integrate and process the changes you are making in each session.

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After the coaching portion of our session, I'll use tuning forks and essential oils to open your senses. The remainder of our time moves you inward through guided meditation and Sat Nam Rasayan " Deep Relaxation in the True Identity ". While laying down I guide you through a simple meditation involving breath awareness and visualization to drop you into your body awareness. After a few minutes, I open access to inner silence, the neutral subtle state of Sat Nam Rasayan while holding an intention to heal. When the healing is finished ( Around 25/30 min ), I gently guide you back into a more wakeful state.


During the final ten minutes or so, we conclude the session by debriefing on the healing experience and recapping everything we discussed so that you are totally clear about the insights we identified and the action steps that you need to take next to integrate into your awareness.
The combination of life coaching and Sat Nam Rasayan offers a complete approach to effective change, conscious insights, actionable solutions, energetic repatterning of inner tendencies, and deep expansive experiences.

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